Сертифікат Книги рекордів Гіннесса



 The collection began with the first toilet-related items presented on the opening of a sanitary ware shop for Kyiv businessmen Mykola and Maryna Bogdanenko.

Over time, the collection has increased, its number has reached more than 500 pieces and it has allowed claiming the world record. Almost a year and a half has long been the harmonization of all documents with The Guinness Book of World Records. In 2015, the collection received The Guinness Book of World Records certificate as "The largest collection of toilet-related items in the world." It was world-wide recognition. The best souvenirs from glass and wood, plastic and metal, plasticine and marzipan, and even silver jewelry, you can see at the Museum's exposition. But the collection continues to expand and every day new exhibits appear in the collection thanks to the owners of the collection, which bring them from different parts of the world and receive as a gift from friends and visitors to the Museum.

 Come and see yourself.

Сертифікат Національного реєстру рекордів України

In 2010, the Museum of History of Toilet got a certificate of the national register of records of Ukraine for "The largest collection of toilet-related items" in Ukraine in the amount of 288 copies.