The largest collection of toilet-related items in the world

The unique collection contains toilet-related items, which are made of silver, ceramics, porcelain, wood, plastic, and even chocolate. Souvenirs are brought from different parts of the world: this is their own wealth, as well as gifts from friends, colleagues and visitors. The collection is divided into sections and originally presented at the Museum of the Toilette History, such as: comics, ashtrays, bathroom (shower products) and kitchen accessories, pit latrines (also called as “birdhouses”) and more. The smallest souvenir is a pendant "Toilet" made of silver, the size of which is only 1.5 cm. And the beginning of this unusual collection was the first, not binding, souvenir toilet as a gift for the owners of the Museum for open of a tile and plumbing shop in 1995.  

In 2015, the collection received the Certificate "the Largest Collection of toilet-related items in the world" from the Guinness World Records.

The fixing of the new world record by the Guinness World Records Book lasted more than a year and a half. Competent commissions of historians, museum stuff and artists were involved. Today, the Museum is honored to present to the public a certificate of record and the largest collection of toilet-related items in the world.