Hygiene - is it a sign of civilization or education?


"It is the basis of health care, an indication of civilization." This is how editor in chief of Elle magazine Françoise Giroux wrote about women's hygiene in 1951.

The French Institute of Public Opinion IFOP has conducted research on whether the French women are neat. Unfortunately, the answer was no. In the postwar period this could be explained by the lack of sanitary conditions in the houses. But Françoise Giroud argued that cleanliness is still discipline and education.

In 2020, a new IFOP study on French hygiene was conducted with the participation of "Diogène” company specializing in cleaning rooms for people with Diogenes syndrome (lack of personal hygiene).

Interesting facts of the study show that in 1951, 52% of women took a shower once a day and only 17% of women changed their underwear every day.

In 2020, 81% of women took a shower at least once a day, while men - 71 % (and over 65 - 57%).


As for underwear, 94% of women and 73% of men change their underwear every day, 4% of women and 21% of men - twice a week, 1% of women and 4% of men - once a week.

We all know that hands need to be washed after the toilet. Do the French know about this? Yes, 71% of French people wash their hands after the toilet and only 49% before eating.

To sum up, the situation with the hygiene in France is slightly improving compared to 1951. Cardiologist and nutritionist Frederick Saldmann is worried that the disappearance of the nail bath brushes discussed in the 1951 study is missing during the coronavirus epidemic. Real jungle under the nails will not allow the French to get rid of the reputation of piggies. He gives as an example the United States - where, for example, the toilet lid is lowered before draining. In France, it is ignored by almost everyone. But there are many bacteria that water sprays in all directions.

Unfortunately, there are no such statistics in Ukraine, but we believe that the culture of hygiene is inherent in us.

What do you think about this?