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Enigma of twelfth chair

Chair is symbol of power. It’s believed that first chair appeared in Ancient Egypt in 3 millennium BC. After selection of noble people and increasing power of pharaoh Egyptians found back seat as symbol of ascension of pharaoh’s power over rest of society.

Each of us has such “power place” home. It’s so sorry when it breaks.

The chairs of our exhibition have served in time of USSR. Now they would have to rest in the country. But Kyiv artist and collector Natalya Stepanova gave new life for them, they became stylish and quaint elements of interior.

But most important chair of our exhibition never lost its relevance with the passage of time.

Yes, there were many prominent chairs in history. For example, golden throne of Tutankhamun, luxurious chair of Savonarola. There are also working chair of Darwin which is considered first office chair, secret fourteenth chair which didn’t crash falling from Eiffel Tower. But most important at all times is hero of our exhibition. It’s twelfth chair. If you want to learn about its enigma, you have to ask the guide.

The exhibition is open from 5 July to 25 August 2019.