08.03.19 - 21.04.1910.00-18.00 Exhibitions
exhibition of hard hats of the XX century
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Oh these hats… This item of female wardrobe was obligatory attribute of female toilet. Its history is interesting and ambiguous. There are the legends that god Hermes presented the hat to the ancient Greeks, that big claft made from stripe was prerogative of the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, that common people used the wigs from plant materials. In the end of Middle Ages the wigs became part of luxury.

It’s beautiful and long story, but we want to show you the hats of the middle of 20th century. Although the beginning of 20th century was period of struggle against the bourgeoisie and the scarves on the head went to the fashion, the hats quickly returned to their legitimate place. But the models became more laconic, decorative elements became less, at the same time they didn’t lose its elegance. They were decorated by scarves, feathers, beads. In 20th century the trend to pick up the gloves, the shoes, the handbags to color of the hat appeared.

At the exhibition are presented the hats and the accessories from private collection of Natalya Stepanova.

The curator of the exhibition is stylist-lookmaker Svytlana Savelyeva.

The exhibition is open from 10.00 to 18.00, without interruption.