01.11.2018 - 01.11.201818.30 Themed tours
In very dark restroom… very terrible stories…
90 UAH

Until “Candy or death!” heard from anywhere, there’s one room in the house where someone screaming “Occupied!”. And one has to be careful, because it’s unknown which demons are there.

During mystical tour “In very dark restroom… very terrible stories…” we will tell about most awful toilet demons, we will lift the curtain over most dangerous toilet cults and rituals.

You will know:

-why did Japanese afraid to go to the restroom singly;

-how terrible and absurdly the kings were killed in the restrooms;

-why did the inhabitants of European cities go with crispy hats and with the candles day and night;

-how did plaque doctor work;

-which the victims did Aztec goddess of purity claim;

-which ritual one could get favor of demon Belfegor;

and more…

You can watch very terrible video in very dark cinema hall after tour…