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Literary tour “What the book in the restroom for
50 UAH

We read not one interesting book in the restroom. But do you know that the toilet became hero of literary works not once?

It magnified not only in the lines which always appeared on the walls of public restrooms, but also in the poetry by William Shakespeare, Paul Verlaine, Jacques Prevert.

Giacomo Casanova mentions this aspect of life in the diary. Salvador Dali and Erich Maria Remarque were thinking about it. The process is clearly regulated by Bible, Shariat and rules of Zen Buddhism.

During the tour you will hear the expressions about the toilet and domestic culture from famous authors, you will know about the features of courthouse love, you will be surprised by description of delicate topics in classics, you will get acquainted with most exciting ideas of avant-garde writers.

Cost is 50 grivnas.

Record is required (tel. 067 463 25 24, 499 31 61).