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Excursion quest "Order of Purity"
80 UAH

Evil forces tried to destroy the world by sending on it the illnesses and epidemics. That’s why famous doctors and inventors, artists and poets have united in the Order of Purity. And today you had the opportunity to join the ranks of members of the Order of Purity. However, you must prove that you are worthy of it. To do this, one must familiarize yourself with the amazing facts about cleanliness and learn about the interesting hygiene methods; accomplish the task of being smart and observant of the most prominent members of the Order and complete the Master's dedication. Only the worthy can cope with that. So we hope that you will join the ranks of our Order of Purity to guard our planet's ecology and human health.

The excursion is calculated for children 10-13 years.

The program includes: excursion, quest, watching video.