London sewerage

28.04.2020 | 12:00

Hot summer 1858 Great stench happened. It’s name of the pollution of Thames and neighborhood by waste. The epidemics of typhus, of cholera broke out in London. The people died on the streets.


After this event the Parliament of United Kingdom passed the law about construction of central sewerage.

The author of this system is Joseph Baseldget. He hadn’t engineering education. He gained experience working on the construction of the railway and on draining the soil.

The work lasted for several years. Baseldget projected two catch manifolds on one bank and three on other bank. These manifolds made the embankments, they made the riverbed of Thames more narrow, so a water started to flow faster. Baseldget was first who used Portland cement for a bricklaying. One can to apply such material on wet surface, it freezes even under a water. Baseldget personally checked quality of every cement batch.

London sewerage became author’s project in some way. Baseldget took part in every stage of work, even checked the bills. Brick collectors 83 miles long went under Thames to east from London. There waste accumulated in the reservoirs and went to a sea during a ebb. Besides there were 1100 miles of street drains.

Official opening of the sewerage took place in 1865. A work was finished completely in five years. After this incidence has decreased, salmon back in Thames. London central sewerage is one of industrial wonders of the world.